Dear Partner

Over the last few years, we have realized the need for more collaboration between events for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) people of color (PoC) here in Seattle. While there are many separate events our organizations do throughout the year, we believe that together we could achieve so much more.

While we believe we are several years away from creating a PoC Pride, this year we are inviting all organizations and organizers who do this important work to join us from July 15th to July 30th, to create 15 days of education, remembrance and celebration for LGBTQ PoC here in the Northwest.

My request is that you and your organization take on an event during this time frame. Organized around subjects such as:

  • History

    • Pacific Northwest LGBTQ History

    • Influential LGBTQ PoC History

      • Specifically our elders

  • Family Events

    • Readings of LGBTQ/PoC books

    • Events for Youth and Children (skate rink, bowling)

  • Health

    • PoC specific health information

    • PoC and Trans friendly physicians

  • Art

    • PoC Fashion

    • PoC Dance / Ball Culture

    • Gallery Shows

    • Movie/Cinema of LGBTQ PoC

  • Politics

    • Education on policies affecting LGBTQ and PoC

    • Availability sessions with local politicians

    • Education on how to get involved

  • Celebration

    • Parties! Dances! Kikis!

Or anything really, just something that celebrates us as LGBTQ people of color and/or helps educate our community.

For every organization that joins this effort, we are able expand our network for the LGBTQ people of color community and increase our reach. This in turn benefits every organization that is part of the effort.

We are excited for the chance, that in this era of fear and uncertainty, we will be able to work together and bring some light to our community.

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