Your Community

The following is a list of community organizations and event planners that are dedicated to you, as a lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, queer person of color. Visit their webpage to learn more about what they do and what other events they put on.


House of Luna

The mission of House of Luna is "creating safer community spaces to promote empowerment and healing. We aim to build a foundation for future generations of Queer and Trans People of Color".

The HOuse of Luna was founded in March 2017, following the success of its weekly "All-House QTPOC Kiki" and the regionally groundbreaking 2017 Lunatico Ball. They are passionate students of ball and house culture and work to create spaces for collective liberation in our communities.


Surge works to end reproductive oppression and to ensure access to reproductive health services and economic security for all people. 

Surge is working in Reproductive Justice (RJ), an approach to health equity and reproductive health that uses a holistic lens to look at the whole person, family, and community for opportunities for empowerment. The RJ approach brings together diverse communities and perspectives to reach solutions that are led by the communities most affected.


Amara is a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a better path for kids in foster care.

They believe it is time that each of us—all of us—make these kids a priority. That the entire community takes responsibility for their well-being. To give kids a chance at forging a different path and creating a more hopeful future. For themselves, and the families they will build one day.

Gender Justice League

Gender Justice League is a trans and gender non-confirming policy and advocacy organization in Seattle, WA. We focus our efforts on grassroots mobilization, empowering trans leaders in the area, and creating accessible, safe, and radically inclusive community.

Emerald City Black Pride

The Center for MultiCultural Health has hosted Emerald City Black Pride (ECBP) events since 2011 as an initiative to foster pride and strengthen the sense of community among LGBTQ African American community. It is a reflection and celebration of our diversity, voice and the values of our community.

Nubian Pride

An LGBTQ based organization in Seattle, WA. They provide quality entertainment and raise money for local non-profit organizations.Our focus is to strengthen bonds within the African American community and build positive and uplifting relationships with all ethnic organizations and allies.

Somos Seattle

Somos is an organization for LGBTQ Latinx folks.
Our goal is to engage virtually and by bringing people together to build active an community, share resources, and foster spaces for learning.


U.T.O.P.I.A. Seattle (United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance) a grassroots organization born out of the struggles, challenges, strength and resilience among the Pacific Islander LGBTQI+ community. Striving to create a safe, welcoming, supportive and vibrant space for members of our community to address basic needs, to build pathways toward new expanded career and life opportunities, to foster a sense of common purpose, and to advocate for social justice, education and overall wellness among members of the PI-LGBTQI+ community.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands (PPGNHI) is a nonprofit family planning agency that provides high-quality, affordable reproductive health care for women, men, and teens. Many of our patients have no other health care available to them.

Gay City

Gay City is an organization where our staff and volunteers, our programs and services, and our drive and spirit reflect the resilience and power of Seattle’s many LGBTQ communities. Gay City's Wellness Center, our LGBTQ Resource & Referral Program, our Gay City Volunteer Crew, and Gay City Arts all provide multiple ways for our community to gather, connect, find voice and serve. Gay City is an organization that listens and responds, and that continues to evolve. We are a destination for the LGBTQ community to grow and thrive. Gay City is Seattle’s LGBTQ Center.

Alki Beach Pride

The Annual Alki Beach Pride LGBTQ Party is a celebration of love and Pride. Alki Beach Pride was created by Stacy and Jolie Bass-Walden as a small friendly get together, but it has quickly turned into a community celebration. Alki Beach Pride gives community members the chance to celebrate their love, compassion, and respect for the LGBTQ community while also enjoying Food, A photo booth, football, volleyball, and of course the beautiful water to swim in.

Api Chaya

API Chaya supports Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander survivors and families impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as human trafficking survivors from all communities. API Chaya engages communities to change societal conditions that enable domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking and all forms of oppression, especially violence against women and the most vulnerable in our society.